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Unpack once and unwind for the entire journey as you explore your favorite destinations on the most intimate level. Never cruised before? Or simply tired of the throngs of people on large ocean cruises? Let us tell you all the reasons why river and small ship cruising has a strong repeat following.


Do you crave the best of the best and seek top-level service when you travel? Whether it’s sailing, sightseeing, adventure travel or simply relaxing on a beach, we have access to the most luxurious of options to ensure you and your loved ones are well cared for and indulged.

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Need to escape from the grind for some fun in the sun? We have plenty of options for you! Picture yourself sitting with your toes in the sand, drink in hand, as you watch the sun glisten off the water just a few feet away. 

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After nearly 30 years of working as a journalist for the travel trade, I am proud to now be a travel advisor myself and the owner of Enticing Vacations. This company is a dream come true for me and allows me to use my extensive knowledge of the travel industry to benefit my clients and ensure their vacation is truly memorable. 

Throughout my career, I have traveled domestically and internationally to review and write about resorts, destinations, cruise ships, airlines and the business of travel. I am acutely aware of the trends and news that affects this industry on a daily basis and I rely on that knowledge to appropriately guide and recommend the best travel experiences for my clientele. 

As a reporter by trade, the best part of my job was talking to new people and asking them questions. As a travel advisor, I am using that skill to help qualify my clients for the trip of their dreams! I want nothing more than to ensure your vacation is everything you hoped for and more. My goal is to “wow” you and ignite your passion for travel. 

There is an entire world out there for you to see and Enticing Vacations wants to make that happen!

Kerry Tice, Travel Advisor/Owner of Enticing Vacations



"My husband and I were looking for a beach getaway to celebrate my 50th birthday. Enticing Vacations took all the work and worry of planning it away. A few emails and our trip was booked. We can't wait to go!"

Doris Lynch

Charlotte, NC


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Travel consulting fees start at $100 per booking and go up incrementally by $50 based on the amount of time and research

required to find the perfect vacation match for you, regardless of whether you complete the booking with Enticing Vacations.

Thank you for valuing our service and expertise.

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